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All About the Bingo Game

“Bingo” The word “Bingo” means “BEAT DOLL YOU WILL BE THE PLACE WILL WIN” The game of Bingo is so named because when these numbers are Growled out in column by column and then displayed on the screen, the player would be greatly troubled not to cry out “Bingo!” well these days the game is played on the internet, television and in bingo halls.

The rules of the game: When one gets the card which contains the 24 numbers, one must cross out every number that comes out and write it at the top of the card. There are two kinds of cards. The more popular version contains all numbers in the same row and column. The other card, which is a bit more exciting, contains the numbers in some random arrangements.

After the card is printed out, one must seal it at the upper right corner. Then there will be another round of “beating” in which the player is required to either cross out the numbers as they are called or to make a mark on the card. The player is badly needed to win this game or else the game will be considered as a zero digit count of the game.

The scoring in online bingo is in the simplest form. When one has completed one line, they cross out all the squares that they didn’t complete. In the case of two lines, they should mark off both lines. There is no penalty in missing one line and no extra credit in this game either. The cards are only good for one play and the game is nore fun.


Just as the word “Bingo” is spelt with a capital “B”, so too is the game “All Hallows are All equal” also known as “Housey Bingo”. It is a game where the players have to complete a line in a horizontal line and then they have to shout “All Hallows” or “Housey Bingo” to indicate they have completed the pattern.

The rules of this game are rather simple. The winner should firstly complete the required pattern and then shout “All Hallows” before anyone else does. Fortunately, this game is available for download in many online venues, so you only need to seek out those online bingo clubs that are members of good online bingo clubs. Once you login to the online bingo club, you can play this game freely without any hassle.


This is one of the most popular patterns and seems to be on the increase all over the United Kingdom. This pattern will require the player to move in a zigzag motion before they have completed the required pattern.


When the pattern has been completed, and the required number of squares met, then it is suitable to shout “Bingo!” The first person to do so is declared the winner.


This is the German word forety two. One has to complete an upright with the minimum number of calls.

Big One Up:

In Big One Up, a player needs to call out “Bingo!” before rolling the rubber to indicate they have completed the required pattern to win.


To further the effect of the bingo effect, some bingo sites have asked players to submit their photograph in opposition to the existing picture.

sheet music:

It can also be Bear My Baby before a certain number is called out.

every one’s a winner:

Bola88 players can have a chance to win additional bonus credits if they have their favourite Happy Numbers with them in their card.

Don’t Tell Bet:

Video slots have changed and evolved. Now instead of the traditional spinning reels, video slots have five reels. These reels can be spin individually as well as the whole set of five reels. This means that it is more difficult to guess the winning combination as the outcome is harder to predict. Video slots are definitely worth a shot if you are after a lighter touch than the old mechanical ones.


In this machine game, the player has to follow the pattern announced by the caller and then “parole” (tail) around the row. If the player arrives at the row they predicted would win, then they shout “parole” and the slot machine breaks. If the caller proceeds to announce a different combination, then the player has to follow the pattern announced and then shout “parole” again.


When playing machines, it’s advisable not to place your money until you have registered a better winning combination. Some players say this helps them to feel more secure and less nervous about losing their money. Others however, insist that it makes them more impatient and less likely to win.

Bingo Beano:

This is a variation of the normal Bingo game.